The club of radio amateurs of the city of Plovdiv has established the WARD LZ diploma on the occasion of the international day of radio amateurs and the 65-year-old the jubilee of the club.
From 00.00 UTC on the 18th of April to 23.59 UTC on the 30th of April.
Conditions of the diploma:
To conduct 50 radio communications with 18 countries on the DXCC list, including at least 10 QSO with stations in Bulgaria.
Or: 50 QSO with different stations of the world, including 1 QS0 with a radio special jubilee station LZ65RCP.

Repeated communications on different bands and different types of work, communications through repeaters and satellites are not read.

Application - a list in an arbitrary format to the manager's address
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Many thanks to Valentin, RK6AX, for the help!
Thank you!

Дипломата LZVHF/UHF Award се издава от Българската федерация на радиолюбителите (БФРЛ) и е отворена за всички лицензирани радиолюбители и SWL.


Пълна информация за дипломата може да намерите тук.

The LZCWC Award

The LZ CW CLUB issues the LZCWC Award to any licensed amateur radio operator for two-way QSO’s, with different members of the LZ CW CLUB, on CW, on any HF band as follows:

Awards issued by The Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs

Awards issued by The Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs

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